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Nr   Titel/Artiest Wie/Wanneer
1 Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever


Rob van Wezel

18:00-19:00 uur
2 Relax

Frankie Goes To Hollywood
3 God Save The Queen

Sex Pistols
4 Bicycle Race/ Fat Bottomed Girls

5 Angie

Rolling Stones
6 Picture This

7 Mighty Joe

Shocking Blue
8 Sympathy For The Devil

Rolling Stones
9 Why

Bronski Beat
10 Breakfast In America

11 Sunday Girl

12 Dirty Diane

Michael Jackson

Nr   Titel/Artiest Wie/Wanneer
13 Ghost Town

The Specials

Bert van der Laan

17:00-18:00 uur
14 Without You

David Bowie
15 Maid Of Orleans

Orchestral Manouvres In The Dark
16 Sunshine Of Your Love

17 Love Is All

Roger Glover & Guests
18 Magical Mystery Tour

19 Sing It Again Say It Again

Aretha Franklin
20 Innuendo

21 Heroes

David Bowie
22 Harlem Shuffle

Rolling Stones
23 You're History

Shakespear's Sister
24 Year Of The Cat

Al Stewart
25 She Was Hot

Rolling Stones
26 Masquerade

Fischer Z
27 My Sharona

The Knack

Nr   Titel/Artiest Wie/Wanneer
28 Run To The Hills

Iron Maiden

Jan Streefland

16:00-17:00 uur
29 Private Investigations

Dire Straits
30 Disco Really Made It

Gruppo Sportivo
31 Autobahn

32 Friday Girl

33 Don't Stop

Fleetwood Mac
34 Good Times Bad Times

Led Zeppelin
35 Rock 'N' Roll Highschool

36 I'Ve Found Love

Love And Kisses
37 Azoto

San Salvador
38 Ooh I Do

Lynsey De Paul
39 Music For Gong Gong

40 Wigwam

Bob Dylan
41 Cardiac Arrest

42 Don't Look Back


Nr   Titel/Artiest Wie/Wanneer
43 Heartland

The The

Jan Hariot

15:00-16:00 uur
44 Lady Madonna

45 One Step Beyond

46 A Question Of Lust

Depeche Mode
47 Guitar

48 Walk Of Life

Dire Straits
49 The Invisible Man

50 Invincible

51 I Want Candy

Bow Wow Wow
52 Tainted Love

Soft Cell
53 Sing For The Day

54 Making Plans For Nigel

55 Snoopy vs The Red Baron

Royal Guardsmen
56 Fade Away

Bruce Springsteen
57 Slave To Love

Bryan Ferry

Nr   Titel/Artiest Wie/Wanneer
58 Love In C Minor


Pieter Oele

14:00-15:00 uur
59 Norma Jean Wants To Be A Movie Star

60 Go Wild In The Country

Bow Wow Wow
61 See Emily Play

Pink Floyd
62 Diamond Dogs

David Bowie
63 Anne / Zo Vrolijk

Herman Van Veen
64 Shandi

65 Thorn In My Side

66 Midnight Man

Flash And The Pan
67 Big Love

Fleetwood Mac
68 Two Tribes

Frankie Goes To Hollywood
69 Pull Up To The Bumper (1985)

Grace Jones
70 Centerfold

J. Geils Band
71 Les Chants Magnetiques

Jean Michel Jarre
72 Sensual World

Kate Bush

Nr   Titel/Artiest Wie/Wanneer
73 Free Me

Uriah Heep

Peter Hoogwerf

13:00-14:00 uur
74 Atlantis

75 Butterfly On A Wheel

The Mission
76 Rebel Rebel

David Bowie
77 Maggie May

Rod Stewart
78 Rollercoaster

Danny Vera
79 Give It Up

Talk Talk
80 Happy Hour

The Housemartins
81 Gypsy

Uriah Heep
82 Is She Really Going Out With Him?

Joe Jackson
83 One Of These Days

Pink Floyd
84 American Pie

Don Mclean
85 Me And Bobbie McGee

Janis Joplin

Nr   Titel/Artiest Wie/Wanneer
86 No One To Depend On


Paul van der Mark

12:00-13:00 uur
87 Follow That Dream

Elvis Presley
88 Ik Heb Geen Zin Om Op Te Staan

89 Venus

Shocking Blue
90 Born In The USA

Bruce Springsteen
91 Seasons

Grace Slick
92 Kontakt

Frank Boeijen Groep
93 Sing For Absolution

94 The Mambo

The Houseband
95 Infected

The The
96 Close But No Cigar

Thomas Dolby
97 Zandvoort

Pasadena Dream Band
98 Eenzame Kerst

André Hazes
99 (Hurt Me! Hurt Me!) But The Pants Stay On

Samantha Fox
100 Get Down And Get With It


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